Conscious Food Health

We assist you in finding the “Root Cause” of your food and/or weight challenge and finding the best way possible for you to manage it, through a natural whole person approach. Then we can move forward to you living in Total Health and building a “stronger” you from the inside.

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Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table as a Medical Doctor, your journey to Conscious Health is hosted by the CEO of Conscious Health Solutions, Dr. Natasha Deonarain.

What is Conscious Health Solutions?

CHS is defined by the principle belief that your health is not merely the absence of disease. Your health means living a life of abundance, joy, happiness and love. We participate in your health by:
  • Aligning your health challenges with what you most want in life.
  • Helping you create passionate and fulfilling careers supported by your best health.
  • Helping you build life-long health plans.
  • Support what you do to create health.
  • Embracing Eastern and Western Principles
  • Focus on the "Root Cause".

Why work with Conscious Health Solutions for your Conscious Food Health?

Are you struggling with being overweight or obese? Do you wish you could have a lifelong, empowering relationship with food? Has your doctor told you to exercise and diet, but you've got no idea where the right place for you to start would be? Our Conscious Health Doctors work with all of you to help you achieve Total Health now. They provide you with empowering health choices and solutions that give you a simple, doable plan for life. Get off the diet and exercise treadmill, stop spending thousands of dollars that leave you sabotaging your health now, and learn to find a different way to health, happiness and total health! Call 1-866-339-3121 and talk to one of our Conscious Health Team members now.


Stress and anxiety Diabetes Thyroid Cancer

The biggest difference is that with most other health care providers the first thing they do is find a whole bunch of statistics out about you.'s almost like from there they find what's off. With Dr. Deonarain it's like, let's actually talk about how the mind, the body, and spirit all work together. So that you can actually connect and reconnect to your own natural ability to make the choices and be well​.​